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What It Means To Be A Member Of The 25X Club...

What's In It For You

This is an invitation to join our private club!
Imagine how far you could get in life if you were able to partner yourself with super smart, connected people that were willing to help you reach your goals.
Your $19.95 membership provides you with an online store that allows you to profit from our branded 25X Club merchandise. To promote your store we're also going to help you partner with Social Media Influencers.
We help you setup partnerships with Social Media Influencers while they are still small with little to no paid partnerships so that both of your incomes can grow as their number of followers increase from 5,000 or 10,000 to over 500,000.
Now that you understand the value of being in a private club we're offering you an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP into our 25X Club for only $19.95!
Welcome to the 25X Club.
You're Invited
Member Benefits
Annual Membership
75% Discounts on Remote Computer Repairs
Online Emergency Medical File
You'll gain access to information that will make you money!
You'll learn how save money on the high cost of gas!
You'll learn how to profit with social media influencers!
Consulting Services
Asset Protection Services
Access To A Credit Expert
The Private Gas Card
One of our most popular member benefits!
Executive Gas Card
The "Gas Club" upgrade comes with a $50 plastic Gas Card, 25X Club Invitations and allows you to earn unlimited $50 gas cards when the members you refer also upgrade!
Why We Partner With Social Media Influencers
Because their followers consider it to be an honor to join them in a private club!
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers
Social Media Influencers
A Social Media Influencer with only 20,000 followers can show their 25X Club Ring and and invite them join them as members. If 5% or 1,000 of their followers join them the Influencer earns $4,000 and you'll also earn $4,000 from their post, plus you'll both earn more on any of the branded merchandise they purchase after they join. Everyone wins!
Metal Debit Membership Cards & Membership Rings
Products to enhance your status within our exclusive club.
Powerful Corporate Ring
Heavy Metal Debit Card

Who We Are

Consulting Solutions, Inc., dba 25X Club is a business and marketing firm located in Sugar Land, Texas. Our firm is led by an amazing team that has more than 100 years of combined business and go-to-market experience. We specialize in identifying gaps in today's marketplace and we build businesses to fill those gaps.

Angela Thomas

Executive Assistant

Khadijah Adams

Vice President of Marketing

Troy Mason

CEO President

Fiona Moody

Chief Operations Officer

Fred Bishop

Chief Technical Officer

Our team has been together for over 10 years!

Connect With Us
We host a LIVE Business ZOOM Overview meeting every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST with Khadijah Adams VP of Marketing.

Our CEO hosts a LIVE Corporate ZOOM Meeting with Q & A to provide company updates every Wednesday 6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST with Troy Mason CEO.

We host a LIVE Corporate ZOOM Marketing and Training Meeting every Saturday morning 8am PST / 10am CST / 11am EST with Khadijah Adams VP of Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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